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Master Financial Data for Smart Choices

When navigating the world of financial markets, it’s essential to comprehend the various data types associated with different exchanges.

Whether you’re an investor, trader, or financial enthusiast, having a grasp of these data types can significantly impact your decision-making process.



ur commitment to innovation drives us to continually explore new ideas, technologies, and solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers and stay ahead in the market.



We prioritize our customers' success by delivering exceptional service, tailored solutions, and building strong, lasting relationships based on trust and understanding.



At Prognosticz, we prioritize sustainability and social responsibility, actively contributing to a better, more ethical world through eco-friendly practices and community engagement.



For people to understand what we are actually offering, we have made a simple guide that explains different functional, technical, and structural aspects of our service. This docs passage will hopefully help and clarify certain questions that might have occurred, as well as in detail explain the software’s functionality.

We have structured the docs content in several topics regarding membership types, system processes, available content, etc. This guide will help you understand our products fully, and how we provide our service to our customers in great detail. If you have any related questions or any other concerns regarding your profile, billing information, campaigns, please check out the FAQ or contact us through our customer service program.

System Process

In order for our customers to access the data, they will always need a membership. Once a membership is chosen, you will have the ability to any data we offer. Only the token volume that you have paid for will be available for you. I you want to expand your token volume, you’ll need to upgrade your membership.

Once you have chosen the ticker data you want to analyze, use our Prognosticz GPT tool or hit the download button. The data will always be extracted in a structured Microsoft Excel file to your hardware. Once you have downloaded it, you are free to play around with the numbers and edit the file accordingly to your analysis.

Asset Categories


Bulk Requests

This docs section has the same total request number of tickers as the “Stock Exchange” instrument category, but rather formatted as bulk requests (scroll down to the “Stock Exchange” section for more information). The bulk requests are only applicable for stock exchanges, no other exchanges can be requested through bulk requests. The 3 different types of bulk requests we have per stock exchange are:

  • Bulk Dividends
  • Bulk EOD Extended
  • Bulk Splits

(Disclaimer: Some requests will not be available because there might be insufficient data.)


The calendar docs sections is divided into 2 main sections: Countries Calendar and Worldwide IPO’s. The last mentioned sub-function has only request function, while with Countries Calendar you’ll have access to data from 51 ISO recognized countries.

The structure is as follows:

  • Countries Calendar
    • Chosen ISO country (51 countries)
      • Economic Events
      • Trading Hours and Market Holiday
  • Worldwide IPO’s

(Disclaimer: Some requests will not be available because there might be insufficient data.)


In total, we offer data on more than 4,500 different cryptocurrencies that are calculated towards the US Dollar. The available data points for this instrument category are:

  • End-of-day Data (EOD)
  • Intraday Data
  • News Data
  • Real-Time Data

(Disclaimer: Some requests will not be available because there might be insufficient data. All real-time data will be 15 minutes delayed.)


For this docs category, we offer data on almost 1,000 different forex combinations and spot rates. The currency combinations are between currencies in the same continent or/and can be combinations from different parts of the world. The available data points for this instrument category are:

  • End-of-day Data (EOD)
  • Intraday Data
  • News Data
  • Real-Time Data

(Disclaimer: Some requests will not be available because there might be insufficient data. All real-time data will be 15 minutes delayed.)

Futures and Commodities

For futures and commodities, we offer data on about 600 different instruments. The varieties are everything from currency futures to physical commodity from every industry. The available data points for this instrument category are:

  • End-of-day Data (EOD)
  • Intraday Data
  • News Data
  • Real-Time Data

(Disclaimer: Some requests will not be available because there might be insufficient data. All real-time data will be 15 minutes delayed.)

Government Bonds

In total for this docs section, we offer data on more than 100 government bonds. The countries that the bonds are located and issued from are: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New-Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, UK, and the US. The available data points for this instrument category are:

  • End-of-day Data (EOD)
  • Intraday Data
  • News Data
  • Real-Time Data

(Disclaimer: Some requests will not be available because there might be insufficient data. All real-time data will be 15 minutes delayed.)


For the stock exchange indices, we offer data on more than 650 index combinations. Some of the indices can be found under the “stock Exchange” instrument category, but most of indices will be included with this access. The available data points for this instrument category are:

  • End-of-day Data (EOD)
  • Intraday Data
  • News Data
  • Real-Time Data

(Disclaimer: Some requests will not be available because there might be insufficient data. All real-time data will be 15 minutes delayed.)


For Macroeconomics, we offer data on all 247 ISO countries that are currently existing. For each country there are about 37 different data points, which in total returns over 9,000 macro indicators containing vast governmental information. The available data points for this instrument category are:

  • Agriculture, value added (% of GDP)
  • Cash surplus to deficit (% of GDP)
  • CO2 emissions (metric tons per capita)
  • Debt in percent of GDP (annual %)
  • DP per capita (current US$)
  • Exports of goods and services (% of GDP)
  • Fertility rate, total (births per woman)
  • GDP (current US$)
  • GDP growth (annual %)
  • GNI per capita, Atlas method (current US$)
  • GNI per capita, PPP (current international $)
  • GNI, Atlas method (current US$)
  • GNI, PPP (current international $)
  • Gross capital formation (% of GDP)
  • High-technology exports (% of manufactured exports)
  • Imports of goods and services (% of GDP)
  • Income share held by lowest 20% (in %)
  • Industry, value added (% of GDP)
  • Inflation, consumer prices (annual %)
  • Inflation, GDP deflator (annual %)
  • Internet users (per 100 people)
  • Life expectancy at birth, total (years)
  • Market capitalization of listed domestic companies (% of GDP)
  • Merchandise trade (% of GDP)
  • Mobile cellular subscriptions (per 100 people)
  • Net migration (absolute value)
  • Net trades in goods and services (current US$)
  • Population growth (annual %)
  • Population, total
  • Poverty headcount ratio at national poverty lines (% of population)
  • Prevalence of HIV, total (% of population ages 15-49)
  • Real interest rate (%)
  • Revenue, excluding grants (% of GDP)
  • Services, etc., value added (% of GDP)
  • Start-up procedures to register a business (number)
  • Surface area (sq. km)
  • Total debt service (% of GNI)

(Disclaimer: Some requests will not be available because there might be insufficient data.)


For this docs category, we offer data on more than 6,500 stock options. This instrument category will only be available for North-American stocks. However, we only provide options data for stocks that are listed on NASDAQ and NYSE. The available data points for this instrument category are:

  • Stok Options Data

(Disclaimer: Some requests will not be available because there might be insufficient data.)

Stock Exchanges

For this docs section we offer over a total of 110,000 tickers from 73 securities exchanges all over the world. The data is directly extracted from 51 countries in real-time containing these formats:

  • Bond
  • Certificate
  • Common Stock
  • ETF
  • ETN
  • Fund
  • Index
  • Mutual Fund
  • Preferred Share
  • Preferred Stock
  • Warrant

Note that not all stock exchanges will have these instruments categories, but most of the stock exchanges have Common Stock, ETF’s, and other types of equities. The total instrument number can vary from exchange to exchange, it all depends on the size of what’s being offered.

The available data points for this instrument category are:

  • End-of-day Data (EOD)
  • Intraday Data
  • News Data
  • Real-Time Data
  • Fundamentals Data (available on all worldwide tickers for Common Stock, Fund, ETF, etc.)

(Disclaimer: Some requests will not be available because there might be insufficient data. All real-time data will be 15 minutes delayed.)

For all stock exchanges, tickers from every continent will be available: Africa, Asia, Europe, North-America, Oceania, and South-America. Here is a list of the stock exchanges that we have access to:

  • (XJSE) Johannesburg Stock Exchange
  • (XBOT) Botswana Stock Exchange 
  • (XMAU) Stock Exchange of Mauritius 
  • (XCAI) Egyptian Exchange 
  • (XGHA) Ghana Stock Exchange 
  • (XBRV) Regional Securities Exchange 
  • (XNAI) Nairobi Securities Exchange 
  • (XCAS) Casablanca Stock Exchange 
  • (VFEX) Victoria Falls Stock Exchange 
  • (XMSW) Malawi Stock Exchange 
  • (XNSA) Nigerian Stock Exchange 
  • (RSEX) Rwanda Stock Exchange 
  • (XDAR) Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange 
  • (XUGA) Uganda Securities Exchange 
  • (XLUS) Lusaka Stock Exchange 
  • (XZIM) Zimbabwe Stock Exchange 
  • (XCOL) Colombo Stock Exchange 
  • (HSTC) Vietnam Stock Exchange
  • (ROCO) Taiwan OTC Exchange
  • (XBKK) Thailand Stock Exchange
  • (XBOM) Bombay Stock Exchange
  • (XHKG) Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • (XIDX) Jakarta Stock Exchange
  • (XKAR) Karachi Stock Exchange
  • (XKLS) Bursa Malaysia (Malaysia Stock Exchange)
  • (XKRX) Korea Stock Exchange
  • (XPHS) Philippine Stock Exchange
  • (XSAU) Saudi Arabia Stock Exchange
  • (XSES) Singapore Stock Exchange
  • (XSHE) Shenzhen Stock Exchange
  • (XSHG) Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • (XTAE) Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
  • (XTAI) Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • (ASEX) Athens Stock Exchange
  • (BMEX) Madrid Stock Exchange
  • (ETLX) Borsa Italiana Certificates
  • (IL) London IL Stock Exchange
  • (XBER) Berlin Stock Exchange
  • (XBSE) Bucharest Stock Exchange
  • (XBUD) Budapest Stock Exchange
  • (XDUS) Dusseldorf Stock Exchange
  • (XETR) XETRA Stock Exchange
  • (XFRA) Frankurt Stock Exchange
  • (XHAM) Hamburg Stock Exchange
  • (XHAN) Hannover Stock Exchange
  • (XIST) Istanbul Stock Exchange
  • (XLON) London Stock Exchange
  • (XLUX) Luxembourg Stock Exchange
  • (XMCX) MICEX Moscow Russia
  • (XMIL) Borsa Italiana
  • (XMUN) Munich Stock Exchange
  • (XPRA) Prague Stock Exchange
  • (XSTU) Stuttgart Stock Exchange
  • (XSWX) SIX Swiss Exchange
  • (XSWX) Swiss Exchange
  • (XWAR) Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • (XWBO) Vienna Stock Exchange
  • (ZSE) Zagreb Stock Exchange
  • Euronext
    • (XAMS) Euronext Amsterdam
    • (XBRU) Euronext Brussels
    • (XDUB) Euronext Dublin
    • (XLIS) Euronext Lisbon
    • (XOSL) Oslo Stock Exchange
    • (XPAR) Euronext Paris
  • NASDAQ Nordic
    • (XCSE) Copenhagen Stock Exchange
    • (XHEL) Helsinki Stock Exchange
    • (XSTO) Stockholm Stock Exchange
  • (NEOE) NEO Exchange
  • (XMEX) Mexican Stock Exchange
  • (XTSE) Toronto Stock Exchange
  • USA
    • (CBOE-BATS) Chicago Board Options Exchange
    • (EXPM) Expert OTC Market
    • (NMFQS) NMFQS Markets- US Mutual Funds
    • (OOTC-OTCBB) OTC Bulletin Board
    • (OTCB-OTCQB) OTCQB Marketplace
    • (OTCCE) OTCCE Marketplace
    • (OTCM-OTCMKTS) OTC Markets
    • (OTCQ-OTCQX) OTCQX Marketplace
    • (PINC) OTC Pink Current-Sheets
    • (PSGM-OTCGREY) OTC Grey Markets
    • (XASE) NYSE MKT American Stock Exchange
    • (XNYS) NYSE- New York Stock Exchange
    • Unsorted
  • (XASX) Australia Stock Exchange
  • (BVMF) B3- Sao Paolo Stock Exchange
  • (XBUE) Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
  • (XLIM) Bolsa de Valores de Lima
  • (XSGO) Chilean Stock Exchange

Virtual Exchanges

For the virtual exchanges, we offer data on more than 8,500 financial instruments. The instruments provided in this category will contain mostly of bonds, funds, and governmental interest rates. The 3 main data points for this instrument category are:

  • (BOND) Bonds Virtual Exchange
  • (EUFUND) Europe Funds Virtual Exchange
  • (MONEY) Money Markets Virtual Exchange

The available data points per instrument sub-category are:

  • End-of-day Data (EOD)
  • Intraday Data
  • News Data
  • Real-Time Data

(Disclaimer: Some requests will not be available because there might be insufficient data. All real-time data will be 15 minutes delayed.)

Request Limits

As of now, there are no request limits on a personal user level, but suspiciously high activity from an IP address or a subscription used by a customer can result in a ban from our platforms. This is usually only the case when someone is actively targeting the web page by using a DDoS attack. We want all our customers to have a nice and steady data flow, and by over exceeding our company request limit may hurt the user experience or platform in general.

On the other hand, we still want our users to have the freedom to download the data that is requested without having this to much in mind. There is nothing wrong in downloading the financial data that you need for you personal analysis, as long as it’s only used for this purpose alone.

Your Satisfaction, Our Success

We go above and beyond to ensure that every customer’s needs are not just met, but exceeded. Our dedicated team is committed to providing unparalleled support and tailored solutions, making sure our customers’ experiences are nothing short of exceptional. Your satisfaction is our ultimate measure of success, and we take pride in delivering the highest quality service to achieve it.

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